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Neurofeedback is a proven ADHD treatment that can alleviate the symptoms and behaviors exhibited by the many children, teens and adults worldwide who suffer from ADHD.

Anxiety disorders are the most common emotional disorder and can affect anyone at any age. Researchers believe anxiety is caused by over-activity in certain parts of the brain.

Millions of people worldwide have suffered from insomnia at some point. Chronic insomnia, however, can take a toll on energy levels, mood, and ability to function during the day.

Depression is a complex disease, believed to be caused by brainwaves becoming out of balance, resulting in a corresponding emotional or neuro-physical imbalance.

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Neurofeedback is often referred to as Neurotherapy, EEG (electroencephalography) Biofeedback or simply Biofeedback. It is a much-researched, and proven treatment for a wide variety of neurological conditions and disorders and works by teaching the patient how to modify their brainwave activity to reduce or eliminate unwanted symptoms or behaviors.

Neurofeedback involves placing sensors painlessly at specific sites on the head allowing neurofeedback practitioners to get a visual map of how the brain is operating currently, and what needs to change to achieve the desired results. The map acts as a benchmark to see improvements to the brain's functionality throughout the course of the treatment.

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Neurofeedback Can

Medication for conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, migraines and more only provide symptom relief while the medication is being actively taken. Where Neurofeedback differs from medication is that the changes are permanent and lasting, reducing or removing undesirable symptoms or behaviors. Through Neurofeedback, or Biofeedback, the connections in the brain are completely re-wired as a result of our brain's ability to change—a process that happens continuously throughout an individual's life, referred to as Neuroplasticity.

Many patients start Neurofeedback therapy while continuing to take their existing medications. Once improvements are seen, medications can often be reduced or eliminated altogether. There is great relief in knowing that you don't have to experience potentially severe side effects that medications often carry with them along with, in some cases, their potential for causing addictions.

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Permanent Changes to Your Brain

Neurofeedback training will not work at the same pace for everyone. With patients exhibiting more severe symptoms, it can take more sessions before results are seen as stronger brain activity needs to be changed. We recommend patients conduct the training 4-5 times a week, for 40 minutes each time. For this reason we provide patients with training to conduct the Neurofeedback treatment in the comfort of their own home using only FDA approved Neurofeedback equipment. We also offer Counseling services which work well with Neurofeedback for a variety of conditions to further cement the changes made to the attitudes, emotions and reactions to life's events for an even better version of you or your loved ones.

  • Painless

    During Neurofeedback training, external sensors are placed on the head at specific sites to measure brainwave activity. The patient receives visual cues to inform them when they are exhibiting the desired brainwaves.

  • Drug-Free

    Neurofeedback is an effective alternative to the powerful medications often prescribed for complex disorders such as ADHD and anxiety. Neurofeedback can provide symptom relief without drugs. 

  • Permanent

    Unlike medication, which stops being effective when the medication stops being taken, Neurofeedback reinforces positive changes in brain wave activity, creating permanent changes in the brainwaves.

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