How Are Anxiety Disorders Treated?

In most cases, anxiety disorders are treated by focusing on a combination of medical treatment, psychological therapy, and lifestyle adjustments. While the designated treatment options will vary from individual to individual., these common options will often be used in a unique order to provide real results. In this article, we will look at some of the common anxiety disorder treatment options and some of the benefits that may be obtained by following recommended guidelines. 

If constant worry is taking its toll on your daily life, it may be time to begin seeking professional help to control or manage your symptoms. Current treatment options include doctor prescribed medications like fluoxetine, escitalopram, or other low-dose antipsychotic drugs that may help. However, psychotherapy has also proven to be very effective. 

One common form of psychological therapies is CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy. Through CBT treatments, counselors aim to identify harmful thought patterns and adjust them to limit distorted thinking or curve the intensity of stressor reactions that a patient may face. This often will help manage the individual reactions that people face when certain triggers are faced. Working with a mental health professional for psychotherapy is another treatment option that helps identify the root of an anxiety disorder. 

Psychotherapy is a type of counseling designed to help address the emotional response a person has that may trigger feelings of anxiety. One treatment option that is often used is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This type of psychotherapy help change thought patterns that are causing panic or anxiety for an individual and helps the affected person learn how to recognize situations that may adversely affect them. For treatment to be effective, lifestyle changes in both diet and exercise habits may also be required. 

In addition to psychotherapy, alternative treatment options that include medication may also be available. This includes the use of medicines like Tricyclics and  

Benzodiazepines. However, many people find the side-effects associated with these treatment options to be too much and seek alternative options first. In many cases, taking these medications should be considered a last resort and will often require the prescription of a licensed physician. 

While anxious feelings may be a common occurrence in daily life, it is important to understand that unreasonable amounts of anxiety may signify a greater problem. If you are suffering from this common disorder, it may be time to reach out to a designated neurofeedback specialist in your area. We have helped hundreds of clients learn to self-regulate their thoughts, feelings, and emotions to reduce or remove the anxious feelings that are a barrier to them living a full and happy life. 

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