Tired of Sleepless Nights?

With this course, you will receive:

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    Six weeks of education designed to improve your sleep.

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    Insight into the common causes of insomnia.

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    Access to proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy solutions for sleep.

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    Information on how to improve your “sleep hygiene”.

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    Practical solutions for real-life sleep issues.

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    Realistic strategies to deal with insomnia.

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    The opportunity to become a normal sleeper!

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    Guidance from a Board Certified Neurofeedback Therapist

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    No office visits needed! You can successfully complete this course from the comfort of your own home.

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I am sure you have probably felt hopeless at times, thinking it may never get better than it is now, but I want to encourage you - I have seen countless people who started out with some very extreme insomnia issues that are now normal sleepers who don’t need medication to sleep.

The great news is, over 90% of the people who complete this course become normal sleepers without needing medication. If you are currently taking medication to sleep (either over the counter or prescription), you are not excluded from learning to sleep without it!  I absolutely love teaching this course because the impact is lifelong and it literally changes people’s lives in a matter of weeks!

Dannelle Newnam, LMFT, BCN, CBT-I

Founder, Oklahoma Neurofeedback Specialists


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What Our Clients Say

Our 6 Week Online Sleep Course is for you!

Through the next 6 weeks, you will learn to identify what keeps you awake at night and how to refocus your thoughts to get a better night's sleep.  You will receive all the necessary tools and resources I have available to successfully complete this online course.

Week 1

You may have a lot of negative associations and thoughts about sleep because it has been such a struggle for you.  One of the most important aspects of this course is to change the way you think about sleep. During your first week, we will focus on information about sleep that will begin to shift the way you currently think about it.

Week 2

This week we will begin to improve your quality of sleep and your sleep efficiency ratios, both of which get you on the right track to better overall sleep.  You should start to notice a significant difference over the next couple of weeks in your sleep using the specific techniques you will learn.

Week 3

There are a few very practical tools that you will learn so you know exactly what you should do when you cannot sleep.  I want to make your bed a strong cue for sleep which will reinforce the likelihood of sleep every time you see your bed.  Until we reach that point, I’ll show you what to do to speed up getting there!

Week 4

You may not know this, but anxiety usually has a HUGE impact on sleep, and many times people don’t even realize how much it is affecting them!  I’m going to help you see how it may be affecting you and your sleep, and give you some pointers on what to do about it!

Week 5

The stress response is the opposite of the relaxation response.  When you understand why we have it, you’ll be better able to control it and minimize its impact on your sleep.  We will also discuss the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, relational elements in your life that will be impactful for great sleep as well as the overall well-being and enjoyment of life.

Week 6

Sleep hygiene addresses the practical aspect of maximizing the probability that you will sleep well, and I am ALL about practical applications! You will be given a specific checklist of things to look for and change for optimal sleep. I will also leave you with some facts about long term relapse prevention that you can add to your sleep arsenal.


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