What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback Is a non-invasive form of therapy which trains the brain to self-regulate and normalize. It uses the most foundational therapeutic principle of operant conditioning, which is positive feedback for desired behaviors. Using this concept, we are able to create new neuropathways by training brainwave activity to stay within normal, healthy ranges by consistent training.

Neuropathways are naturally formed and reinforced in response to our environment, thoughts, emotions, and even after injury. These pathways can be very normal, functional and healthy or they can be abnormal and cause undesirable symptoms and behaviors.

Our brains are so amazing that we have the ability to intentionally and purposefully create new, more desirable neuropathways or ‘psychological highways’ through consistent training. The more we train a certain neural pathway, the stronger it will become, much like exercising a muscle. Over time, these stronger healthier pathways become the favored ones, and healthy function becomes the “new norm”. For this reason, neurofeedback offers long lasting and permanent change.

Most people report better sleep, decreased anxiety, better focus, and overall better moods. Neurofeedback allows you to be more focused, relaxed and the best version of you.

We use a three step treatment approach at ONS. First, we record your brainwave activity using a qEEG. This helps us create a unique “Brain Map” specific to you. Next, we identify the areas of your brain that need to be trained based on your symptoms, and the brain map that is created. Finally, we use Neurofeedback to train those areas of your brain to self-regulate and teach it to remember those new, more efficient patterns long-term.

The actual training sessions will take place twice a week for 20 minutes. The client sits down and watches a movie while special leads are placed on the head to read brain wave activity in real time. When the brainwave activity stays in the normal range, the screen stays bright. When brainwaves begin to fall outside of the normal range, the screen begins to dim. The brain loves constant stimulation and will work to maintain the bright screen, thereby learning to stay within the normal ranges over time.

Many patients report the process to be very relaxing, as there is no “work” involved. The brain is doing all of the work for you as you sit and watch a movie. Over the course of treatment, your brain will learn to remember these normal ranges of activity and will memorize them. This process often completely eliminates symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, depression, attention issues, and replaces them with increased motivation, stable moods, better focus, and better overall performance in school and work.