Who Can Diagnose ADHD in Adults?

If you’ve ever considered the possibility that you may have ADHD or know someone that was recently evaluated, you may start recalling past episodes that lend to the fact you may have an undiagnosed problem. Maybe you’ve always had problems with organization or have been known to make impulsive decisions. Regardless of your rationale for coming to this possible self-diagnosis, it is important to talk with a professional that can diagnose ADHD in adults to begin treatment as soon as possible if the condition is confirmed. But who can diagnose ADHD in adults and how do you get started?

Before asking for help, it is important to know a few things about the diagnosing of ADHD in adults and a few facts you should keep in mind throughout the process. First, a psychologist, therapist, neurologist, or psychiatrist are most equipped to determine if ADHD is an accurate diagnosis. A master level therapist is often recommended for the initial screening. In most cases, a family physician, neurologist, or psychiatrist will often prescribe medication, and counseling will need to be completed by either a psychiatrist or psychologist at a master’s degree level to deal with habits and behaviors that aren’t helpful. Once ADHD is diagnosed, that doesn’t mean that the problem completely disappears, and many lingering problems may need to be addressed.

Adult ADHD has become a specialty in recent years and many professionals in the field may not have formal training from their schooling to address the problem head-on. For this reason, professionals will generally stay up to date through seminars, reading professional journals, or attending workshops to further improve their knowledge and experience on the subject. Unfortunately, some professionals still don’t recognize ADHD as a legitimate condition and, for some, opinions from several professionals in the field may be needed before a diagnosis of adult ADHD is obtained. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or family for references to determine which specialist is right for your unique needs.

One of the most efficient ways of finding support for a diagnosis for adult ADHD is to contact local organizations that assist individuals that have already been diagnosed. Some potential groups that you may have locally include the Attention Deficit Disorder Association or Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Contacting these groups can give you valuable insight into not only a pathway to obtaining a diagnosis but also the support needed to manage the disorder if a diagnosis is confirmed. Once a diagnosis of adult ADHD has been achieved, Oklahoma Neurofeedback Specialists may be helpful in treating ADHD without medications as well as learning to control associated behaviors that may be negatively impacting you.

How Can Oklahoma Neurofeedback Specialists Help?

Oklahoma Neurofeedback Specialists is here to help you better manage your adult ADHD. ADD/ADHD remains for life and can get worse the longer it’s left untreated. Consider Neurofeedback Therapy to give you or your child the tools to effectively manage their ADD/ADHD without medication. We invite you to read more about the Neurofeedback process or book your free ADHD treatment consultation to get started.

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